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Below are the most recent publications from members of our group, please contact the author for a copy. Complete publication lists for group members can be found by browsing individual lab members‘ pages.







Adams NJ, Parker K, Cockrem BF, Brunton DH, Candy EJ. 2013. Inter-island differences in the corticosterone responses of North Island Saddlebacks (Philesturnus rufusater) in New Zealand do not suggest selective effects of translocation. Emu doi.org/10.1071/MU12043

Anderson MG, Gill BJ, Briskie JV, Brunton DH, Hauber ME. 2013. Latitudinal differences in breeding phenology of the grey warbler and its relationship to parasitism prevalence by the shining bronze-cuckoo. Emu (accepted)

Gsell A, Seabrook-Davison M, Brunton DH. 2013. Are wild rodents attracted to lure laboratory rats? Pacific Conservation Biology (accepted)